Creative Arts Worship Team/Tech Team
Our Creative Arts Team is always looking for committed and talented individuals who want to give their time and talents to God through the local church. We believe that every element involved in the creative arts, whether it be music, videos, audio engineering, operating a camera, etc., should glorify God and not ourselves. We also believe that being dedicated and prepared is part of that process, and enhances the quality and experience for any new person who attends our church. Ultimately, we want people to see Jesus through every aspect of our worship and creative arts.

We expect commitment and dedication to learning songs and parts, individual practice and preparation, understanding of style of specific songs and of our church in general, individual and community growth, willingness to follow those who are more experienced, and willingness to lead when called upon.

Worship Team                                             Tech Team
Vocals                                                             Sound Engineer/Operator
Acoustic Guitar                                             Lighting Engineer/Operator
Electric Guitar (lead and rhythm)              Camera operator
Bass                                                                iMac operator
Drums                                                            Video switcher
Synth/Keyboard                                           Director of Production

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Auditions are held regularly with one of our worship leaders. We expect preparation of one or two songs for the audition. We will evaluate talent, experience, and skill, as well as character through a short informal interview.

We host clinics every quarter for everyone involved in creative arts, and for those who would like to get involved. The objective of the clinics is to build community and leadership, to focus on our mission and vision here at First, to apply practical lessons within each area of creative arts, and to encourage new people to get involved. We would encourage everyone to attend whenever possible.  Sign up for a clinic here!

*Please Note: A clinic is not a lesson.  It is a group time for new and veteran players to get direction and encouragement in whatever area they are involved.  It is also not an audition, but there will be opportunities to sign up for auditions to potentially become involved with the Creative Arts Team.  We do not have dates set up for every upcoming clinic, but will promote the clinic with details as the time approaches.