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Servant Series Servant

There are so many things we could say about Jesus­—like what…

Priest Series Priest

There are so many things we could say about Jesus­—like what…

God Series God

There are so many things we could say about Jesus­—like what…

God Does Immeasurably More With Generous People Series God Does Immeasurably More With Generous People

There are some words that are better left unsaid. Some feel there…


Jesus: Seven Portraits


Don't Say $#%&X In Church


Fixer Upper

We all have some areas in our lives we would like to demo and renovate. Our past is full of moments we need to restore to bring back to life

Unwrapping Christmas

Between the gifts, tacky sweaters, and Christmas cards, so much happens during the most wonderful season of the year.

Vision Sunday

Join us as reflect on spiritual implications of the future at First.

Stranger Things

If something were stranger than extraterrestrial beings, might it be friendship, dating, or marriage?

Come Together

Join us for a weekend of celebration and prayer as we launch our Urbana location and learn about the future of First Christian Church.


Join us for “Pursued," a 4-week message series about God’s radical love for us… even when we run.

Behind the Music

Join us this weekend as we learn why we gather the way we do, and what we anticipate God doing in our lives.

The Gospel Dilemma

The Dilemma is where we live, in the Gospel driven contrast between a holy life and a temporal world.

The Jesus Mission

Join us the next few weeks as we introduce 5 simple practices in order to help B.L.E.S.S. the world and live out the Jesus mission.


Join us in a series through the book of Ephesians and see how a relationship with Jesus defined them as a community of faith.


Join us this Easter season as we walk through Jesus' response to the questions, doubts, and fears in the life of a man named Thomas.

Little Books. Big Lessons.

Great things come in small packages. These books are powerful, concise, and intentional.

Seeing Green | Living Blue

When we live in freedom, both spiritually and financially, we can contribute to the mission of God’s Kingdom unlike anyone else.

People of 2nd Chance

Join us, a movement of people where faith, hope, and love abound. We are the People of Second Chance.

New Year, New Life

It’s time for a new year, and a new mission.

Christmas 3:16

That God loves the world so much... that God gave his one and only son!

Vision Sunday

On Dec. 4th, we will share the faithfulness of God and foundation of our past to have prepared us for this moment in time, a launch pad for

When Life Gives you Lemons

Perhaps God is at work in our lives even when our plans don’t match God’s plan.


What is good leadership? More important, what is godly leadership? Join us this Sunday and learn the traits of the greatest leader of all.


What does your home say about the life you live?


We want to be the kind of people who are “devoted” to what truly matters. Specifically, that means we want to be “devoted” to the types of

When God Showed Up

God is always present. Yet there are times “God shows up.”


So what if we were as dependent on prayer for our communication with God as we are with our phones for communication with others?

Destined For Greatness

We all wonder about our purpose….
We all wonder what role God should play in our lives…
but when we realize who God is, we find our purpose…

What Keeps You Up At Night

Worry, Relationships, Promises, and Money.


The Contrary Teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount.

King of Hearts

The story of the life of David.

Finding Your Way Back To God

Longing, Regret, Help, Love, and Life

Christmas From My View

Christmas series


On these truths hold tight

The Seven

Churches of Revelation


A Study of Philippians

We Are FCC

What compels us and who are we reaching?

A Wise Man Once Said

A Study of Proverbs


Leaving space for what matters.

Jesus on Money

His words on His money.

From This Day Forward

How will my life and relationship be different from this day forward?

Zip It

Words are so powerful. They can bring life or death to a relationship.

Grace For Here and There

Grace. It meets us where we are and leads us to eternity.


Study in the book of Daniel


When relationships get off track.

Christmas Conspiracy

Spend Less, Give More, Worship Fully, Love All

Be The Church

We are a revolution of LOVE, a movement of HOPE, and a community of FAITH that lives as the POWER and PRESENCE of Jesus.


All that glitters is not gold


A Study in James.

Each of us work to get our lives put together – at least on the outside. We work to make sure people believe we have our life under…

Non-Serial Messages

Messages that are not part of a series.

Take This Job and Love It

Take this job and … ______ it.

I used to run around singing this country tune… “Take this job and shove it! I ain’t working here no more!” As a kid, I…

God for the Rest of Us

In the world we live in, it can seem like God is "for" some people and "against" others, but this simply isn't true! God is for all of us.

God loves us.…

The One

We tackle topics about love, intimacy and if God should have a part in any of it.

If you are single, married, divorced, with or with out kids... relationships…

Get Off Your Donkey

Ever feel like your connection with God is disconnected? Ever sense that your faith has gone stagnant? Join us as we jump into our series "Get off your…