Christmas From My View

Christmas is …. What would you say?

Christmas is love, joy, peace, celebrating Jesus' birth, and heaven's gift to humanity. Yeah, that is what Christmas is about.

Christmas is also difficult, messy, smelly, awkward and a crazy way for God to show love to all the world.

Think about it. The angel announced to two teenagers in love that they will be the parents of God’s child. What? God first announced the birth of his son to shepherds – men who spent their days guarding sheep and sleeping in nearby fields. Perhaps we can all agree that this is not the most elegant way to introduce Jesus to our world – right? And take the wisemen, they travelled miles and miles to just meet the new born king. They would not quit until they reached the new king.

Sometimes Christmas can feel like a story “from a land far away in a time long ago.” Christmas from our perspective is very real. Christmas was set in a historical time, in a real city, and with people – just like us.

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