Phones used to be cumbersome and difficult. Rotary phones, bag phones, and pay phones. They are a distant memory but used to be the best equipment we had for communication. Today, we have hand-held, mini-computer, game station, movie-playing, wireless communication devices. They are so useful we cannot do life without them. We are desperate for them and often useless with out them.

So what if we were as dependent on prayer for our communication with God as we are with our phones for communication with others? What if prayer was about our dependency on God and not only our desperation for God?

Join us during the month of June for Wireless at 8:00 AM, 9:15 AM, or 10:45 AM.

Also, on June 5th, we will launch our series “Wireless” with guest speaker Don Follis (Pastor-to-Pastor Initiatives) speaking on “Praying when you need it most.” We will also be providing a 30 Day prayer journey entitled “Vertical with Jesus” for $5. You can pick one up in the Impact Room or outside the OASIS Venue on Sunday morning.