2017 Elders at FIRST

Elders at FIRST are the group of men, called with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to lead and serve our church family. As instructed in I Timothy 3:1-7 and I Peter 5:1-3, they shepherd, teach, guard and oversee the church with love, humility and the selflessness of Jesus. They are FIRST’s final interpretive authority of the Bible’s meaning and application as it relates to FIRST’s doctrine, practice, policy and discipline.

It’s a position of high honor and great responsibility. Get to know who they are by seeing their pictures and reading brief biographies, then pray for them as they lead and serve.

The 2018 Elders have been affirmed and the list will be updated in the new year!

Steve Amjad

Brad Bone

Derric Eisenmann

Tom Ewing

Jeff Graham

Rod Hoewing

Mike Larson

Scott Trumbull