Daniel Thompson, Groups Associate Pastor

FIRST Responsibilities: I help people get connected and find meaningful community in Groups at FIRST by working with existing Groups, launching new Groups, and coaching and resourcing leaders.

Family: I married my wife Allie just this summer! She is the most wonderful.

Hometown: Born and raised in Springfield, IL.

Education: Did my undergraduate degree in youth ministry at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL from 2008-2012. Just went back to Lincoln 2014 to start my Master of Divinity with a specialization in Intercultural Studies.

Ministry experiences: I had an awesome internship at Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park, IL in 2012 working in the student ministry. After that I was a youth Minister in Northern IL for a year and a half before returning to my home church for two years to work as a Young Adult Minister and Groups guy. I feel very fortunate now to be a part of the team at FIRST, helping people find a place to belong and experience life change through groups.

Hobbies: I love basketball. Especially Chicago Bulls basketball. I’ll be traveling to Indy and Chicago to see as many basketball games as possible. I will definitely take advantage of BIG basketball in Champaign too!

Favorite food: A dipped Italian Beef sandwich with hot giardiniera from Portillos…

Favorite sports teams: Definitely the Chicago Bulls. St. Louis Cardinals for baseball.

Favorite band: Emery for sure. Other than that, T-swift, late 90s/early 00s pop-punk, and Justin Timberlake.

Favorite TV Show: The Office. Michael Scott and Dwight K Schrute are real inspirations of mine.

Crazy fad you went through: Every hair style I chose from ages 10-18. There are a lot of incriminating yearbook pictures. Also I thought I was a boarder during my Jr. High years.

One fact people don’t likely know about you: I have never wanted to work anywhere but the Church. It’s a vision that has taken different forms over the years, but has always been the same underlying calling.