Jackie Holt,
Children's Associate Pastor

First Responsibilities: Overseeing the planning and teaching of lessons for Sunday and Wednesday night children's programming.

Family: Married to Garren for since 2012, mother to 2 children and the cutest dog in the world, Vanellope

Hometown: Joliet, IL

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Family and Children's Ministry from Lincoln Christian University, Associates in Early Childhood Education

Prior Experience: Children's Ministry Associate at Lincoln Christian Church, Summer Care director and intern at First

Hobbies: Singin, Dancin, Craftin

Favorite Band: Spice Girls or *N Sync it's a toss up

Crazy fad you went through: I used to wear like a million colored bracelets on both arms clear up to my elbows

One fact people don't likely know about you: I have an obsession with collecting fun/oddly shaped ice trays