Leah Weesner,
Children's Assistant Pastor and Special Needs Coordinator

First Responsibilities: I make quite a bit of the behind the scenes stuff happen! I help organize materials, volunteers, and other necessities for Sunday morning and Wednesday night services. I assist in planning special events, and I oversee the Summer Care program as well as coordinate the Special Needs ministry

Hometown: Geneva, IL

Education: Studied Christian Ministries and Child Development at Bob Jones University

Prior Ministry Experiences: High school C-Group leader, Children's and Worship Ministry volunteer.

Hobbies: I love to watch documentaries!

Favorite food: Ice cream and French fries

Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, University of Kentucky Wildcats

Favorite Band: Anberlin, Switchfoot, Taylor Swift

Favorite tv show/movie growing up?: I loved this Australian tv series called “The Saddle Club” and my favorite movie was probably Cinderella

Crazy fad you went through: Blue eyeshadow. All day. Every day.

One fact people don’t likely know about you: I pay a lot of attention to weather reports and briefly considered a career as a meteorologist!