Becoming a people of generosity...

Jesus set a grand example of giving by sacrificing himself on our behalf. His love compels us to give, and scripture tells us to give of all that we have in our time, talents and treasure back to God.  You can tell a lot about what a person cares about by looking at where they spend these things.

Time is giving priority to what matters most.  This means being intentional about creating moments for personal spiritual growth, like praying and reading the Bible, throughout your life.  In the same way, surrendering part of your day for corporate growth, like worship, Groups, and serving.

Talent is using your God-given abilities for his glory through service.  This can happen through ministry within the church, service in the community, or even a mission trip abroad.

Treasure is probably what you think of first when it comes to giving, but it's only a small part.  This has to do with giving of finances.  Being called to give in this aspect means trust in God that He will provide for you, but also that He has appointed the right people to be good stewards of the funds you have given.